Feeling Froggish? Leap

I should probably have some sort of feelings about this whole Leap Year thing. It seems to be a big event since it only happens once every four years. I think there's even a car company that has based an ad campaign on it. I don't remember which one it is, so it's probably not the most effective advertising, but it's there. Why is it called a Leap Year anyway? Are people more prone to jump on those years? On that day in particular? If any of you can tell me without googling it, I'll give you a prize of some sort.

Maybe I should do something special to celebrate the day. There has to be something appropriate for such a holiday. I'll spend a lot of the day, as I am wont to do of course, at work. There seems to be no getting around this whole full-time job thing anymore. Not with all the bills and everything.

But how do I spend the rest of the day? The forecast suggests it will be warm, but it looks like rain too, so being outside is mostly out of the question. I wish I still had a porch like in some of the other places I lived. It'd be perfect for days like this.

Perhaps adventure beckons me for the latter portion of my day. I could probably find some trouble to get into if I tried really hard. There are words unspoken that could be brought to daylight. There are actions unfulfilled that could be worth my time.

That might be what the "leap" in Leap Year is all about. Take a step out into the unknown and see if you fall.

Or it could just be a convenient way for some car company to move their wares.