Feeling Bad and Sort of Better

Without going into gross amounts of detail, I had a bad experience at Indiana Comic Con this weekend. If you've seen The Italian Job, this is where you make the "I had a bad experience" joke, by the way. Outdated reference? Okay!

I should start by saying it's definitely not their fault. The show was great, a massive improvement from last year, and I thought last year was a whole lot of fun. On Saturday though, I woke up feeling awful. I went to Comic Con anyway. I spent most of the day regretting it. The evening was a different story for a different blog post probably on a different blog, but that's not the point.

Today, we're talking about feeling bad.

So I had this thing where I felt really sick and weak all of Saturday and the feeling hasn't really passed in the days since. There will be times where staying upright feels like just a little bit too much of an effort, but I can't exactly distinguish why.

That's what's so frustrating about what I'm feeling physically lately. Does my body need more calories? Less? A certain type of food or drink? I want to scream "what do you need?!" to my body, but I'm already the crazy writer who's so in his head that he mutters to himself sometimes when he's walking, so I don't think I need "yells at himself" added to my resume of insanity.

The point, though, is that I think that's what feeling bad does to us. It recalibrates what "normal" feels like. That can be good, if our bad feeling came from realizing we had wronged someone else, for example. It can also be bad, you know, like most bad feelings are.

The point, if there's one to be found in this rambling mess of a morning writing, is that we all could use a little more time in awareness of what it is we're feeling and why it is we might be feeling it. There are causes and affects that might teach us something if we looked closely.

Like, to just throw out a random example that hasn't happened to anyone at all that I know of recently, if you eat mall food court Chinese food, you might spend a whole lot of days afterwards feeling sort of sick.