Fearing The Worst

Have we become so accustomed to bad things that when we're in the good, we can't help but wonder when we're going to see the other side of the coin? It's hard for me, at least, to not think "it's a trap" at any good turn.

What's this mean? Why am I talking about it?

Well, maybe I'm looking for someone else to speak up and say "hey, me too" so it doesn't seem like such a lonely place to stand. Or maybe I'm thinking someone should tell me it's crazy so I can consider it for a minute and say "yeah, you know what it? It is crazy."

Because it is crazy, right? Even if we're all feeling it? It's crazy to be in the middle of something great and be looking around the corner up ahead for the punch in the teeth we got the last time or the time before that. That's no way to live our lives.

And yet, there it is. We treat our lives like a late night infomercial with this product that does amazing things and if you order right now you get all of this extra stuff included, but we just know if we listen a minute longer, we'll hear that caveat we've come to expect.

"I'd owe how many easy payments of how much?"

But maybe good things aren't something we have to pay off with bad. Maybe good things are just good things. Maybe they're paid off with the bad from before.

I just know that living in worry doesn't seem to be working anymore.