Fake Controversy

There's a reason I haven't taken the time to try to promote my blog all that heavily. The reason is, really, that I know it's not for everyone. I know that it's pretty much just for me. I think if I look forward in my life and then look back to now, future me is happy that I've taken the time to blog as much as I have. It's like a history book for my life.

But like I said, I know the posts aren't for everyone. I update Facebook and Twitter when I post, sure, but I don't push those posts. I don't ask you on social networks multiple times a day to read my post. One and done.

When I sit down to write these posts though, I'm tempted to write something a little more bombastic. Something with some more flair.

Something that would be, ultimately, fake.

I don't have a lot controversial going on right now. That's a good thing. The less drama in my life, the better. Sure, there are a ton of things going on in the world that people are talking endlessly about, but I touched my toes into the political side of things just once here, and I didn't like the taste it left in my mouth, to mix a metaphor or two.

Or maybe not. Putting your foot in your mouth would leave a bad taste, I'm sure.

That's off-track though. The point is, politics aren't for me. We pay a lot of people a lot of money to dissect those kinds of things.

The further point is that I refuse to be sensationalistic just to get you to read my blog. Yes, I know I've done it before. I've hyped things up and over-complained in hopes certain people would see it or everyone would want in on the scoop.

Some of that writing was very good. It wouldn't be if I tried it now.

So I'll continue the path I'm on. Write mostly about writing. Down the road, maybe it'll all add up to something good.