Down for a Week

Last time, I wrote about rest. Today, I have to write about letting rest go too far.

Since I wrote that post about how important it is to get your rest, I haven't really put any words to comic page. I've spent some time writing down ideas and trying to plan out the next issue, but that never feels like writing, does it?

Maybe the question isn't, then, how much is enough but how do you allow yourself grace while also pushing yourself to do the best work.

It's hard. It's a fine line. Like I mentioned before, there were probably days at a time where I convinced myself I was writing when actually what I was doing was having my morning coffee and goofing around on the internet.

It's what I'm doing right now, in between these paragraphs.

I'm not in the "work" state of mind. I'm in "let's get up and get ready for the day" mode, which usually involves a lot of fiddling and making sure no one posted any cute videos on Facebook of baby elephants who think they're lapdogs.

Maybe I need to blog more, for a while, to get back into the right state of mind. To convince myself that it's important to do this every day.

But really, what I want to do is to constantly be putting out comic pages. That's how I get better. That's how I grow. But is it better to put out half good ones or to plan for a while and make them better?

That's what I have to figure out.