Double Negatives

I'm always looking for opposition. Honestly, what's the point of doing something if it's not even a little challenging? I've never found one. For money, maybe, but then you're a whore. Picking a fight isn't my goal in finding opposition though. I look for it to tell me I'm on the right track. I look for it pointing me in the direction that I should go. Through it, over it, past, or around it, but never the opposite direction. You'll face obstacles for the things you should do, not for the things you shouldn't.

I don't mean this in the simplistic way. Obviously, your friends will tell you if you're about to do something stupid. Those aren't obstacles. Those are reminders of the common sense you're lacking.

I'm talking hardships. Roadblocks. That paralyzing fear that what you're about to do could utterly destroy you. The thought that you'll never do it right.

And let's not forget the most external of all signs - negativity from others.

When you face your fears, when you tackle your demons, people who can't do the same won't understand. Those who choose to lose their inner wars daily won't understand your success on the battlefield. They'll try to hold you back. To get you to play at their level again. To drag you back down with them.

People don't understand personal growth when they're shrinking from it. The Skin Horse knew what he was talking about when he said "Once you are Real, you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

Nothing good has ever happened without obstacles. If you're not stumbling and struggling and gasping for air sometimes, maybe you're just not trying hard enough. Or maybe you're just not trying at all.

Don't let them - your fears, your friends, your enemies - stop you. Let them fuel you.