Doing Whatever It Takes

Fall is good for a lot of things. Wonderful weather, good drinks, campfires and bright orange leaves all immediately spring to mind when you think of the season. I think I found something else to love.

It seems that fall may be the season for artists testing themselves. If you go far enough back in my blog, you'll see daily posts for the entire month of November as I participated in something called NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writer's Month. The goal? 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. Something around 1,700 words a day.

An aside: NaNoWriMo has some of the best little taglines. When I did it, I kept reading the phrase "Because editing is for December," which is probably the best artist's mantra I've heard. Right now, their site has "The world needs your novel" plastered at the top. Also great.

Back on point, that 50,000 words is a challenge. I was unemployed at the time I did it and it was hard work. Maybe I'm just not a novel writer, but that many words in a day was brutal.

I'm finding out now that this isn't the only artist challenge that takes place in the fall. My friend Daniel is taking place in an inking challenge this month, aptly named Inktober. Look up the hashtag on Twitter. There are artists who draw full time who are still challenging themselves with more and there are artists who are just wanting to improve their skills. To learn to trust themselves with drawing. It's a beautiful thing.

Another one – right now, as I write this, there are people across the world participating in 24 Hour Comic Day, where the goal is to insanely create a comic in 24 hours. A full comic. Write it, draw it, ink it, color it, letter it. That's usually about a month's work among a team of people. These are people doing it all by themselves in one calendar day.

We are capable of so much, aren't we? We have more tools and opportunities than at any other time in human history. We have all of this.

Let's see what we can give back.

The world needs your novel. Or your script. Or your blog post. Your drawing. Your painting. Your dance.

The world needs you.