DIY Michael Ulrich Blog Post

I don't really feel like writing anything of substance today, so instead, I'm going to show you how you can easily create a blog post that would fit perfectly on my website. There's only a few steps, so be sure to follow them closely and I'm sure you'll do just fine. Consider all that follows as your template for crafting your own post. Dive right into the topic. There's no need to dance around the subject. Your first paragraph should probably say something dramatic and/or slightly controversial. If you can't grab the reader right away, you know they're not going to bother with the rest of the post, so make sure you write something catching right up front.

This next paragraph is perfect for reemphasizing your ideas. Say it in a different way, and make sure it's colorful and flowery, and then say it one more way for good measure. You want it to be repetitive, but not noticeably. The point is, you believe in what you're saying, so say it over and over again. And then once more.

Now you'll want to include some type of anecdote. If it can be about writing, great, but even if it's not, make sure you talk about it in fanciful way. That moment in your life, even if it was chewing on a bowl of Cap'n Crunch was somehow one of the most profound moments you've ever lived, and happens to line up perfectly with your topic.

But while you're at it, don't forget to start sentences with words that you're normally told shouldn't start sentences. Conjunctions work especially well for this.

You'll also want to break up your paragraphs frequently. If each one is only a few sentences, you're doing it right.

And sentence fragments. Yes. You'll want to use these. A lot. The more you can fit into your post, the better. Seriously.

Finish with a reemphasis of your point, saying it just one more way, since you haven't done that enough already. You just want to be sure that people know you believe what you're saying, because otherwise, what was the point?

And then, finish with one line that'll both close your thoughts, but leave the topic just open enough to encourage discussion.