Lives, if nothing else, can be really hard. If you've spent any time at all living one, you've probably noticed this. When your life heads down these paths, you can have a couple different reactions. You can stand up in the face of everything and believe that the way things are right now, the bad way it is, is going to be okay. That this is the situation and you're going to make peace with it even if there's no peace to be found. This is considered the better way. I prefer the opposite.

I'd rather look at something hard and say "This isn't the way it's supposed to happen." "Just because this happened does not make it right." And all of these, by extension, add up to "Maybe there's something I can do about this."

It's a terrible way to look at life, really. Always believing you can make things better. You set yourself up for disappointment an awful lot. I know for a fact that things are not at all in my control. If anything, this last year has taught me that.

But I'm still going to believe that the world isn't good enough yet because I haven't tried hard enough to make it that way. It's the best way I know how to feel like I need to accomplish something.