At Least Get Out With Some Dignity Intact

If you ask me, we all care far too much about this thing we call dignity. Like it's a goal to be accomplished. Like the mark of a good human is just how dignified she can look in front of others. And dignity most certainly requires the presence of others to see it. There's no dignity alone in your room. It's only in the presence of others. So we do things to maintain our dignity. Along the way, we learn to lose our passions.

Do you know what it's called if you plead for your lover not to leave?


How is this not a problem? That we become unworthy of respect because we want the person we love to continue loving us. Nothing sounds more sane to me than that.

But instead, we pick that person up off their knees and tell them to keep some of their dignity.

Like there's a finite amount and he's letting it slip through his fingers.

No, let's settle this right now. There are things far more important than this sense of stature the world demands we place on ourselves and others. Get over that right now.

Instead, chase things with reckless abandon. Show love on battered knees.

Be wildly passionate. Let's make that dignified from here on out.