Days Off

I'm awfully restless today. It happens a lot on my days off. I usually just sit with it and watch movies loud enough until it goes away. I don't feel like loud things today. I feel like the quiet. Some peace. I can't seem to find it today amidst all of the noise in my head. I'm afraid I'm going to sound crazy when you read that. Sometimes I think I am. Sometimes I'm even okay with the idea. That makes me think I'm even crazier. Who'd want to embrace their insanity just because it provides an outlet with things like writing?

This is why I should keep the TV on. To drown out all of this noise.

Instead, you guys get it coming into your living rooms and on your iPhones. That might make all of you just a little bit off too. Just like me. I always knew I liked you for a reason.

I guess this is just bound to be one of those days where my blog post is nothing more than an incoherent rambling. An evacuation of all of the foul that's been kept inside of me. Lyrical Ex-Lax, if you'll excuse the crass metaphor.

It's just necessary sometimes. To look the entire world (or at least the portion of the population that clicks a link) in the eye and say "Hey, I'm not entirely sure I won't end up institutionalized at some later day." You're free when you can admit something like that.