Day Twenty-Two, Word Count: 48,591

I wrote today while watching Oprah give away products worth more money than I'll probably see in my entire life and while Ellen danced around her soundstage with Justin Timberlake. The first made me depressed, mainly because I wasn't in Oprah's studio audience to get not just the products, but the "hope" that she apparently gave away, and the second made me happy because Justin Timberlake seems like a nice guy. But both of them were frustrating because I was watching and writing, watching and writing. What normally takes me an hour took almost three because I couldn't stop looking up at the TV. Now that I'm very near to the end (of the word count goal, not the novel), coasting really feels like an option. I hope I'll have enough drive to just finish it off tomorrow and be done with it.

Once all the NaNoWriMo craziness has wound down, I hope to get back into scriptwriting. I have a few features I want to work on and a webseries or two I want to write and try to move into production. It'll be nice to write in the present tense and write in a style with rules I know again.

I like that I took this project on, just for the sheer quantity of words it forced me to write. 50,000 words is about the length of two screenplays, I believe, so doing all of this isn't for nothing, even if the novel never sees the light of day. For a month, I've actually been a writer. I actually had a professional attitude towards it. And I didn't hate it. That alone is worth the hours of video games I gave up to write.

Stay tuned as I decide what to do with the blog after all of this ends. I'm open for suggestions, really, so if you have anything you'd like to read about, leave a request in the comments. Maybe another 30 day experiment I could try? A topic I could write about for an extended period of times? Want to option my novel and pay for the rights to publish it? Go for it!

Well, I hope I haven't wasted your time here. This is one of those blogs that I don't feel good about. I didn't make any kind of life-altering point for you. I didn't come to any realizations. There's really no takeaway for you except what I've been saying all month - the things you think you can't do are probably the most important for you to try.