Day Twenty-One, Word Count: 46,568

Once again, sorry for skipping yesterday's update. I didn't write at all, and didn't really even find the time to blog, so I thought I wouldn't bother you with rambling about nothing. Oh, no wait. That's what all these blogs are. I watched the American Music Awards tonight. There was really only one takeaway. Art is in a state of decline. Real musicianship has been replaced with flashing lights and sampled beats. Not a bad thing, but when your best sounding performance is Ke$ha, something's wrong.

I'm lying for the sake of dramatic effect, of course. The real showstopper was Christina Aguilera. Her voice could make angels cry, I'd imagine. The performance in general was a bit awkward to watch with my mom, but the way she sings is so much sexier than the way she looks.

But the point is, all of you readers out there, go and make something. Anything. Chances are you'll be better than the Black Eyed Peas. Better than Bon Jovi is now. Better than a 10 minute long mini-movie performance from Neyo. Just get out and create, even if it's just for yourself. Someone's got to make something worth listening to, reading, seeing.

And, to go from accusing the arts of being in decline to proving that they are, Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far - “But dad,” Neil started to protest as he reloaded his weapon, his dad still cowering behind him. It was an odd picture, to be certain, his dad both hiding behind him and leading him down a path that Neil didn’t want to go, but it was the situation they were in. Family situations were never anything but sticky, although the stickiness usually had nothing to do with blood, except in very disturbing families.