Day Three, Word Count: 6,153

I didn't wake up today feeling like writing. I woke up today feeling like avoiding writing. I had plans later in the evening though, so I ignored those urges and sat down to the keyboard. Moving past the "carpe diem" speech was difficult. That part was so fun to write. That moment is infinite, in a way. I wrote a full 1,700 words on just that speech. Other sections of my novel will cover multiple scenes from the movie in half as many words. There's just so much meat to that moment, but not the same kind of meat that'll be coming up later in the story.

I like that I sat down to write even though I didn't want to. It was still fun, once I got down to it, just not as easy. Would I even write if it was easy every day? If it wasn't a challenge, I might get bored. That's probably why I took on this novel idea. It's something I shouldn't be able to do. And in this time in my life, a time of transition and change, I need to do a little of the impossible.

Anyway, enough of that. "Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far" time! Here goes - He barely had time to collect his just shy of six-foot frame before his roommate came in wearing a face he didn’t recognize. The roommate, bear in mind, was wearing his own face with neither a mask nor a fake mustache to cover it, but Neil simply did not know him.