Day Sixteen, Word Count: 36,070

I'm not pushing myself to write any more than 2,000 words a day anymore. I'm going to finish early, that's already pretty clear, so I'm going to take my time, write as much as I feel like past the 2,000, and enjoy the second half of NaNoWriMo. I didn't think I'd survive to the second half of this ridiculous adventure, so it's nice that I'm planning to enjoy it. Of course, now that I've talked about it, I'll probably have some horrible computer crash and lose all the words I've written. I just took a quick break from this post to backup my writing every way imaginable. My backups are, quite honestly, more redundant than all the rambling I do here. It's downright impressive, when you look at it that way.

I think another reason I'm not pushing myself past 2,000 words a day is that the high has worn off. When you're starting a new project, it's fresh and exciting and you can tell people about it, which makes you feel good and those little pleasure centers in your brain start firing. I won't use technical terms here, mainly because I don't care to Google them and pretend like I knew them all along, but the point is, a new project is so much more exciting than one you've already spent half of a month on.

The only equivalent excitement left is typing "THE END" when I get to, well, the end, and I don't know if that'll even happen in the 50,000 words. If it doesn't, I'll probably write past it, but do I keep blogging about it? It's stopped becoming about this 50,000 words in 30 days project and instead is just another blog by about an amateur novelist. But if I don't keep blogging about writing, what kind of thoughts will I subject my readers to?

I'd also like to set up my blog with a new theme. This one's not terrible, but it's limited and, frankly, looks a little boring. I'd like some color, and after a little experimenting with the theme, I found that adding color just to the background caused it to spill all over the page like a tipped ink well, so I switched it back to plain white. I should've learned more about web programming before deciding to administrate my own website.

And, since I was yelled at it when it was taken away, the Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far - “And if we stay inside, then what? Our parents come looking for us eventually. Then those things get to eat anyway.” Knox, too, was right. Black-and-white topics lose their black-and-whiteness when it comes to post-apocalyptic scenarios. He thought about this fact as he modeled in front of the door mirror a hat that belonged to that nameless character who died mere hours ago. No sense in leaving it wait for him to come back for it.