Day Seventeen, Word Count: 38,476

You don't just wake up one morning and decide you're going to cheat on Eva Longoria. It's hundreds and thousands of tiny decisions that lead you to the point that you think "my wife's beautiful, but let's have sex with this other woman, just to see if it's any better." I don't even know if better is what such a person is looking for. Different? New? Either way, I would guess that when they first got together, Tony thought she would be all he needed. Then he had an affair. Or two. I don't know what's true or what isn't because I don't bother figuring out what the reputable celebrity gossip sources are, but I know that Eva filed for divorce and most articles contain the word infidelity. Or the word cheating. Most organizations don't use words their intended audience wouldn't understand.

I'm wandering off from my point though. It isn't just one big stumble all at once. It's a lot of tiny trips that you think no one will notice until they snowball into a passionate, life-ruining affair. You never play with fire, but it couldn't hurt to play with that lighter you found in the woods next to your grandpa's house, right? Wrong. The lighter will burn you and your thumb will hurt for the next few days and you won't be able to tell your mom about it because you were playing with fire when you shouldn't have been.

In case it wasn't obvious by the random specific details, I just did that comedic thing where something starts out as a metaphor and spirals off into a personal anecdote that was probably traumatizing. I'm still a little afraid of lighters.

I think it's a Shawshank Redemption-esque get busy livin', or get busy dyin' type of scenario. The little things we do every day will add up to the big things we do (or never do) someday. There's really no such thing as an isolated incident and crimes of passion (literal or metaphorical) may not be premeditated, but they can probably be traced back to a moment that, at the time, seemed so insignificant.

I don't know what all of that was for. I just hope that writing every day like this is putting deposits in the good side of the "littlest things make the biggest differences" bank. Even 2,000 rambling, silly words a day have to count for something, right? I hope so.

Enough serious now. Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far - What he pulled from his back instead was the arm of a creature that had been seconds from clawing into him. He turned around and slapped the thing with its own hand in a days of old type challenge. When the thing slapped him back, Neil took a moment to question the humanity of these inhumane looking creatures, wondering if the soul remained intact when the body was destroyed. His musings were quickly interrupted by Charlie exploding its head with a round from his rifle. Oh well.