Day Nine, Word Count: 22,000

This is the second day that I've taken a kitchen chair and my laptop outside to do my writing for the day. It's also the second day that I came in because things from trees kept falling on me and my laptop. And that's not just some weird way of saying "leaves." I genuinely have no idea what all the stuff that kept falling on me was, but eventually you start to fear for the well-being of your laptop, and you move on to other things. The whole day, I wrote from the perspective of a very minor character from the movie – the dog they slip a bunch of treats to as they sneak out the door. I felt as though his story wasn't very well explained in the movie, so I thought I'd do my part to rectify that situation. I hope I did him justice. Especially because I really just did it to pad my word count. When your goal is measured in quantity and not quality, you're free to write whatever you feel like on a particular day.

Being free to whatever I want is a beautiful thing. I can go off on a full chapter length tangent and not feel even slightly bad about it. I don't know why I can't apply to that regular writing (I just deleted a good three paragraphs from this blog post because they felt boring to me), but it's good to know it's possible in the context of this novel, at least.

This experiment is proving one thing at least - I can write every day. A lot. Close to 2500 words a day, including blog posts. I've probably written more words since November 1st that I wrote my entire time in LA. What that says about my commitment to a writing career I'm not ready to think about.

Enough rambling for the night. Here's the Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far - Donner first came to campus the same day as the students returned. Even though the creatures hadn’t made an appearance since late last semester—except for once at the Christmas ball, but they only stayed for five minutes, drank some punch, played the wall, and then left—the administration thought it would be a good idea to have an animal to alert them of imminent danger. Plus, he was really cute and he jerked his leg around when you scratched him right beneath his ears.