Day Job

I can't handle that my day job takes place almost entirely at night. It's not the incongruity of calling nighttime work a day job either. It's the years of school I spent imagining the days when I'd have my nights free to do what I want. To go where I want with who I want whenever I want. It's a lot harder when almost everyone else you know works days.

What's the point, exactly? Expectations. They're just as important for things like a day job as they are for our work. Our passion. Our dream job, the one we do in our free time for no actual money most times.

If what I expect out of my dream is to provide for me, my dream will always be a burden until it does. When your dream becomes heavy and dreadful, it starts to look a little more like a nightmare. That's not something we want for the thing that gets us up in the morning.

So what do we do to avoid that? What do we expect instead of instant success? We expect to sit down and do our work. That's it.

Not very encouraging, is it? Of course it isn't, because all we dream about is how we can make it with our dream. How we'll show the world. How that girl from college will wish she hadn't dumped us. How our time is just about here.

But what if it isn't? What if that girl from college is just as happy with her husband and her kid and her idyllic little home as ever? Does that cheapen the dream any? Does it make what we love to do any less valuable?

I didn't think so. Now go do your work.