Day Fourteen, Word Count: 32,038

I didn't move out to LA to write. I know that now. I moved out to LA because I thought being famous would be awesome. I wanted to date models and hang out with movie stars. It sounds like a ridiculous dream, but I'm confident I'm not a horrible screenwriter, so I figured it would happen for me, if only for that and the fact that I'm a pretty good guy. When I was wrong, it sucked. It made Los Angeles suck. It made the people in Los Angeles suck. It made even my favorite music suck. And, in doing all that, it made me suck. I hardly wrote when I was in LA. And that made me suck more. I wasn't going to get famous not writing, but I didn't want to write. Moving out there was supposed to open me up to new things and places and people, but instead it shut me down almost completely. I lived on crappy quesadillas and lots of video games.

That's why I had to come back home. It feels good to get that out. For anyone wondering all this time, that's it. My mom needed help after her surgery, and that's a bigger part than I think she'd like to admit, but I also needed to leave. I was stifling myself.

And now that I'm home, I've written thirty-two thousand words in fourteen days (I wrote that number out because I thought it'd look better, but if it didn't, 32,000). As best I can tell, a feature length script is around 22,000 words, including character titles and scene headings, so I'm not unhappy with the decision I've made.

Elsewhere, I apologize for the lack of blog yesterday. I told you all I'd be posting every day and I skipped. The fact of the matter is, once in a very great while, I pretend to have a life. Yesterday was one of those days. I also learned, by way of this paragraph, that "elsewhere" is a fun, if not illogical in this context, transition word.

It's really interesting that I'm down to under 18,000 words for the goal of this month. I didn't think I'd make it over 18,000. Most days, I don't think I'll finish even though I'm already so far ahead.

But I keep writing, if only so I'll be able to know where this whole story's going. Mine and the one of the novel.

Update: Most Ridiculous Line thus Far, as requested - With that, and quite a grimace, Neil raised his weapon over his head and crashed it onto their former peer’s head. As his brains soiled their loafers, they took a moment to consider the finer things of life, like being able to live it, like finally getting over a bad headache, and like wearing socks that weren’t soaked with blood and brain matter. That and hot chocolate. Hot chocolate was always good on a day like today.