Day Four, Word Count: 8,011

I'm not as funny when I don't enjoy writing. I know that now. The first two days are easily the best I've written in a while because it was so new and fun. Now that I'm four days in, it's feeling more like a chore and I'm having less fun with it. And that's only four days in. I have almost 42,000 words to go. What did I get myself into? I want it to be fun again, but I don't know how to make it feel that way. I still don't plan to show it to anyone, so it's not the pressure of looming criticism. I'm writing it for me.

I think it might be the unknown that's ahead in the story. It's losing its coherency as I continue on and I know it. While it makes for a great gag, following along with the original storyline while trying to introduce zombies is a little ridiculous.

Or it might just be a lack of sleep catching up to me. I lie awake watching Nick at Nite until 2 a.m. almost nightly and it's catching up to me. I'm yawning as I type this.

A few other notes: I know this blog isn't full of the most interesting stuff I've written. It's for me, and for anyone else, to see what it was like writing a full novel from nothing in 30 days. I'm writing the blogs a lot like I write the story – minimal editing and really no planning.

I also want to start a new blog with a big idea. Something like this, or this, or this. I don't have anything like that, but I want to write about something (or somethings) every day that make me happy.

Anyway, to close, Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far - “… Enjoyment and understanding of poetry,” Neil finished and took off his glasses, though Charlie was lost as to what he was speaking of. He imagined most of the class was lost as well, judging by how their eyes were more glazed over than the donuts at the bakery the boys weren’t allowed to visit. Sweets made them hyper. The faculty preferred them tranquil. Sedated. By all appearances dead, even though they were alive. Though not like zombies. This is just a metaphor. Don’t read too much into it.