Day Five, Word Count: 10,001

I cried for a while in the shower today. Not a great way to start my morning. My dog is getting old and can hardly walk some mornings, and today it led me to a few minutes of tears. Even while I was crying, I remembered thinking "This is life. Not just the good stuff. This stuff, too, is life." I don't know what that really means, I just remember thinking it. Maybe it just means that I wouldn't feel anything during the sad times if I didn't know what the happy times felt like. You can't feel loss without first thinking you have something.

My dog's mostly okay now, by the way. He's on a lot more drugs than most dogs would be, but they help him walk. I love the little guy, even if he does lick my face immediately after licking the bathroom floor.

I also spent close to two hours today trying to think of a word that was eluding me. The cycle of all of that goes as follows: 1. I can't think of the word. 2. I feel stupid because I can't think of the word. 3. I grow more frustrated as I realize I won't get it. 4. I attempt to google it. 5. I realize how near impossible it is to google a word based on its definition. 6. I grow more frustrated as I realize I won't get it. Repeat steps 3 and 6 a couple hundred more types and I was almost crawling up the walls by the time I got it. I found it, by the way, by googling "word for the points in Whose Line Is It Anyway?" It was arbitrary. I wrote it down so I wouldn't go through this again.

I tell you all of this because this is how I went into my writing session and, for some reason, I still expected magic. No rabbits came out of hats, however, and I never guessed my own card. This blog is the first relatively easy piece of writing I accomplished all night.

But I met my goal. A five digit word count. And that feels good.

To close, the Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far: Over the river and through the wood, the boys did not go. There was no river between them and the old Indian cave and to go through the wood would be far out of their way. Over the fence and through the daffodil field, they did, however, traverse. Each of them was careful to squash as few daffodils as possible, except for Charlie, who, as already stated, liked to mess stuff up.