Day Eighteen, Word Count: 42,497

I know I said I was going to take a leisurely stroll through the rest of the novel, but I went ahead and did another 4,000 word day. Nothing really made me except for the prospect of hitting 50,000 well before the Thanksgiving holiday and really earning my time off. Not that I have a job to take any type of break from, but I'm going to take a few days off of writing and just dive into the nothingness that is a post-turkey coma. I do plan to also explore the post-Thanksgiving craziness that is Black Friday though. God help me—and I'll probably need help from on high—I love that day. Hopefully I'll come home with hands full o' goodies for all the good girls and boys. Or at least a present or two for my family and a little somethin' somethin' for myself. Papa needs swag.

The trouble is, while some people eat their feelings away (which I tend to do at times), I seem to shop my feelings away, but not with things like shoes and clothes and the like. I like DVDs. I buy them on sale, which totally justifies it in my mind, but it doesn't work out so well when you hold it to the light of the not having a job thing. Oh well. Can't take it with us, right?

So, basically, it was a big day for novel writing, but I find myself lost for words on what to blog. As far as I know, nothing particularly earth shattering happened today. It wasn't a bad day, but all I really did was write. Write and drive my mom around. Living the dream here, folks. Living the dream.

But don't worry, I didn't forget. Most Ridiculous Line Thus Far - Thankfully, the bright flashes of red hadn’t returned to Neil’s eyes for the remainder of the drive to the theatre. The front of his car was smoking like one of those ladies you see on the television who had to talk through that box they held up to their throats, but it was faithfully, albeit slowly, getting him to where he needed to be. He even took time to turn on the radio for a moment before REM’s “It’s The End of the World As We Know It” started blaring in his ear drums. That was enough music for the time being.