Day Eight, Word Count: 19,278

I put off writing for as long as I could today. I do that sometimes because not writing is significantly easier than writing. It finally came down to about 3:00 and I hadn't put a single word down, and since I had to get dinner ready eventually, I decided I'd write. And whoa, did I not expect to have so much fun with it. The first 30 minutes? 700 words. Another 20 and I was well over 1,200 words. I like writing, but that doesn't happen to me. Ever. I usually have to labor through each and every sentence, but today it flowed from my tongue like honey.

By the way, if you caught the Dead Poets Society reference in the paragraph above, good for you. This novel could be as much fun for you as it's meant to be. Or it could be 50,000 words of me just trying to write 50,000 words. No way of telling.

On another note, some of my readers (read: no one) have been asking me where I get my inspiration to write such grisly and disgusting things. The best I can explain it is in this way. Tonight, at dinner, where we had tacos, I watched my parents apply ketchup and mayonnaise to theirs. I can think of nothing more disgusting than this, so what I write seems almost normal in comparison.

A little housekeeping note for those of you who have checked out the scripts page - thanks to the wise words of Charles, I fixed it so that if you click on an image, it doesn't show you a bigger version of that image with a cool little effect. There's no need for that since all of those images are the same save for the title. Now they'll take you straight to the good stuff - the script page.

And lastly, since I'm feeling a little crazy, why don't I offer you the first three pages of chapter 9 of the novel, just for fun? Consider this today's Most Ridiculous Lines Thus Far, because the whole chapter essentially is. Chapter Nine Preview

Update: Fixed a few typos.