Cruise Control

Lately, I've been letting myself coast. I'm not going to list any excuses I might have because I don't want to get them weight. I'm the problem. I hate it, but being mad at yourself doesn't make bad habits better. It just makes you feel worse for letting bad habits continue, and feeling bad is a great way to keep yourself in a rut.

I don't think I've ever thought about it this way before, but maybe there's a honeymoon phase for things involving creativity just like there is in a relationship. At first, everything is just sunshine and daffodils and you're full steam ahead.

Then things get hard.

Of course, I have how many years of blog posts now about how writing is hard?

The difference now, of course, is I'm actually fulfilling some of my creative dreams. I have a published comic. Another is on the way. I'm happy with the work Daniel and I get done.

It takes a little steam away knowing that I'm already on the way.

It means the mornings where I get up to write and I'm not sure what to write, because nothing at the moment is on a deadline, I feel less pressure. I feel less bad for wasting time on the internet because a project I'm involved in is being worked on, it's just not my part right now.

See? That's an excuse. I don't like those. I don't have to lose steam because I'm making comics. I should be gaining momentum, not losing it.

New plan: figure out how to fix this rut. Commence climbing out. Be the writer I was meant to be.