Crash and Burn

Is there anything more beautiful than failure? A big sloppy mess? I don't think we realize how essential failure is. How wonderful it is. How perfectly human it is. I'm in the middle of a writing project right now. I'm 30 pages into a 100-page script and I've stalled. I've done my prep work, I've outlined, but I can't move on. It's not my style of writing. It's too far out of my comfort zone. The action is about to heat up, and my feelings about the project cooled down.

I know very well that until I finish that script, the whole thing is going to feel like a big fat failure. It's a story that's been with me for over a year and it's entirely incomplete. It has a beginning. That's it. It'd be like if I stopped this blog post right here.

I soldier on here though because a blog post is something I've finished before and finished well. A feature length script I've only tackled twice, and both times have resulted in products the general populace should never be subjected to (though one of them is in the script section of this site, so take a look).

The thing I can't ignore is, even though it's so hard, when I fail, I learn. Every single time. With every hopeless cause, I gain something new. It's small, and I never notice it at the time or maybe even until years later, but it's there, just waiting for me to take it and run with it off to a new success.

And we never learn much from success, for that matter. It doesn't change us or grow us. At least not in the ways we need to change and grow. We need to fail to improve as humans. Really. Have you ever met someone who's gotten everything they've wanted? Have you stayed friends with them? Didn't think so.

Don't pity someone who fails. They're trying, and if they miss, who cares? They're trying. It's the ones who miss the pearls inside of the oyster that deserve our empathy. I say empathy because we know what that's like. We've been there. We've done that.

So what can we learn? Get out there. Fail. Someone has to be brave enough.