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Consistency. To consist. To be made of something. Everything is made of something else. A recipe is a thousand tiny parts put together at the right time in the right order. So is the rest of the world. A missing atom here, a flap of a butterfly's wings there, and your life, your family, even the planet you live on is ultimately and entirely different.

We don't spend a lot of time thinking in these terms. We don't often look for the one thing, the one moment, the one thought that changed the course of our destiny. We'd drive ourselves to madness if we did, spending every day overanalyzing the past and just how we can change it.

We know better, thankfully. No amount of posturing or pleading changes the past. It can't, and it most certainly shouldn't. The past, you see, is leading to something. It's building and growing and surging and to attempt to alter it would be to ruin it forever.

Instead, we must improve upon it daily. Take the steps to better our lives and the ones around us. Get up. Eat a healthy breakfast. Look yourself in the eye for the first time in weeks. Tell yourself it'll all be okay.

And when that becomes routine, when that becomes natural, take the next step. Improve. Form a habit. Improve again. Another habit. Repeat until you can be no better. Repeat until your neighborhood, your school, everyone around you can be no better. Life demands nothing less.

It is through these steps - the getting out of bed when we'd rather sleep in, the five extra repetitions when we're afraid our arms will collapse, the one extra read-through to make sure every letter, every comma, is in the the right place - that we find not only ourselves, but just what we're made of.