Community Returns!

I've kept quiet about this too long. When I found out, it was just the kind of news to get me out of the winter doldrums and into the spring state of mind. What happens soon after that? Spring seems to come to Indiana. I'm not saying I changed the weather, but I'm not saying I didn't either. Perhaps I invest a little too much happiness into Community. If they never got to make another episode, there'd still be plenty for me to love. This season particularly has been the strangest ten episode of television I've ever seen in just the perfect way.

I'm even writing this post while listening to the song you catch the characters humming throughout the last few episodes (and from what I hear, the upcoming ones as well. In case you're wondering, it's Daybreak by Michael Haggins.

What does Community's return mean for me practically though? A half-hour on Thursday nights where I'm not available sure, but what beyond that?

Just like the weather, I think it means I have some control over the fate of the universe. I believe I willed Community back onto the air against the best efforts of NBC and all those opposed to me.

And sure, I had some help along the way. There are others who wanted Community back just as much as I did. They drew pictures and made shirts and organized flash mobs with felt beards and other paraphernalia. But did they will it back into existence like I did?

Well, yeah, probably. But don't ruin my fun.