How Comixology Changed My Plans

I don't know if you've heard about this massive change for digital comics distribution, but the main app that people used for digital comics, Comixology, was purchased by Amazon and shortly after, they pulled the ability to purchase comics from in the iPhone and iPad apps. It would seem no one's all that happy about it.

I didn't realize until just yesterday the effect it could have on me in the future.

You see, like I mentioned before, a friend and I were going to start trying to get a webcomic going and then, my thought was, sometime after we've got a small collection, we could gather them all together and put them on Comixology for almost no money but just so people could show a little support.

When I had this thought, it would've just been asking people to spend a little money on their iTunes account.

Now, it's asking people to create a Comixology account, put in their credit card, purchase it from the website, download the app, download the comic within the app and then they can read it on their mobile device.

That was a lot to type, let alone do.

Now I'm no business person and I'm sure they had their reasons for doing what they did, but what they ended up doing, it seems, was crippling the ability for people like me with just a dream of someone eventually seeing some of my work.

They made a couple steps into quite a few more. And sure, it won't effect friends and family from supporting, I suppose, but those aren't the people I was ever worried about seeing stuff. It was the friends of friends. The impulse buyers.

Those were the people I needed to get. And those are the people that this new system probably took away from me.