Cleaning House

So, as you may have noticed, has made a bit of a change. I think it's for the better, and definitely think everything's going to work correctly on my website now, but feel free to tell me what you think.

I switched over to Squarespace as my website provider/host/platform because I used it for a few months for the D.A.M. Good Comics site and I was so pleased with what it had to offer, it made using Wordpress a little disappointing.

Not that I have anything against Wordpress. For people who have the time and know-how to invest in building their own site, it's one of the best there is. But for me, I want my website to run, to run well, to work great on multiple device types, and I just want to have to put new content on it.

Also, while I'm talking about great services, I switched my domain over to Hover (and that's a referral link, FYI, so if you use it, you help my site) and their customer service and support is top notch. Love working with them already. I want to register another domain just because they're so friendly.

On the topic of cleaning, though, I also need to take care of my house. I've let it get a little overrun with stuff. Spring's the time to take care of that. Steven Pressfield writes in his book how the Muse prefers a clean workspace, so I'm going to tidy up a bit.

And since I seem to be doing a rambling train of thought post today, I'll say that when it comes to the Muse, I've felt a little left out in the cold lately. Raise Hell has been a little stalled, I didn't have an idea for this post (clearly) and I started a short comic script and I'm not sure where to take it.

She'll smile on me again soon, I hope, but for now, my business is to keep working until she does. I put my butt in the seat and that's doing my part. It's up to her to do the rest.