A Boy and His Dog

I've got a new script for you all today. It came from a prompt and went to a place I really didn't see coming. Somewhere sort of sad and beautiful but not really sad at all. I do have a request this time around. Tell me if you understand the story. I tried to make it as understated as possible, so I hope it's not too muddy. Let me know what you think is going on.

Here's the pitch:

For one last time, a man and his old dog spend time playing outside their childhood home.

(Also, is it fair to say "their"? Can a dog have a childhood home? I think so.)

Anyway, read the script here.

A Modern Day Fairy Tale

For today, I thought I'd share a new script with all of you. It's short, it's simple, and it's endlessly snarky. Sometimes I like to take out my own personal frustrations in a script. Here it is:

A man comes across a woman drowning in a lake and tries to help her, even if she doesn't seem to want him to.

Download it here.


Rather than putting up a new post today, I thought I'd do something I hadn't in a while. I thought I'd share a short film script with you. It's quite a simple story. I based it on the song "Foxes in the Ferns" by my friend Joshua Powell, but I believe he actually based the song on a story he had heard before. I'm not sure where. I guess the story just keeps recreating itself in different worlds.

Anyway, here's the script. Enjoy.

Edit: Thanks to Robert, who pointed out a typo. I've really gotta start proof-reading these things.