Raising Hell: First Draft

So, without any trumpets or fanfare, I went ahead and finished the first draft of the first issue of Raise Hell. I didn't announce it because I'm really not sure if first drafts are all that interesting anymore. First drafts are rough and uneven and they happen all the time. Later drafts, now those are something.

I know there are things that need fixing in this draft, I've even talked about it. What I don't know, yet, at least, is just how to fix it.

That's what's so exciting about writing for me. A lot of other things, I can do. I've had jobs that after a few days or weeks, you know how things are going to go. you know what to say when or what to do and that's that. No variation.

Writing is always frustratingly, maddeningly different. What worked to fix Heartbreak World won't work to fix Raise Hell.

And that's awesome, isn't it? There's none of the same. You're doing the same thing, putting words in a certain order, but that order is always different.

I've mentioned it before, but there's a saying some writer said that's stuck with me. "Stagnation is death."

Writing is never stagnate. There's always something to improve.

And as horrifying as that is, that's what I love about it.