The Case for Early Mornings

I hope this letter gets out to some of the younger people in the audience today, because for you, it's not too late. If you're in college, you could use this information. If you're not even to college yet, then all the better. Start now because it's going to pay off down the road. I promise. Get up earlier. Always. There's no quicker road to success than getting up when it's still dark out.

Now, the idea behind getting up earlier is to accomplish dream things. For me, it's writing. You probably saw my post the other day about what I accomplished this year. That wouldn't have happened without getting up early. Almost none of that writing happened after 8am.

Some mornings, I got up at 5am. That didn't last very long, so a lot of mornings were more like 6:00. On average, that'd give me an extra half an hour or so before I had to start getting ready.

Over the course of the year, that little change gives you about 130 hours to work on a dream. Do you know what you can do with 130 hours?

Because I could show you.

2013 Scripts

But mornings are good for the mind in general. They're quiet. You get to be alone and give yourself time to adjust to the world before you have to start adjusting to all the people in it. That's valuable. We need well-adjusted people.

Of course, there are a lot of people who think nothing is important than a full night's sleep. Somehow sleeping in became some type of goal, like they couldn't go to bed earlier. People don't die from losing 30 minutes of sleep a night.

People die from losing sight of their dreams.

That's not you. That's average. Don't be average.

Instead, be amazing. Be constant. And best of all, be early.