By The Next Time We Talk...

Cottage, College, home. Cottage, College, home. This is a little chant I developed when I was running to help me keep the finish line in sight. It's based on the streets I'd run past before getting to my own and as my feet would push off the pavement, I'd say it to myself over and over again, through ragged breath, until I hit the point where I could stop.

I should be at the same place for my current writing project. With the right amount of work, I should be done within a week. I can see the finish line, and from here I can only pray my legs will carry me home.

Because it would be so easy to quit right now. To wrap things up the easiest way, not the best way. To say "Well, I got this far and that counts for something."

Instead, I'm going to finish. One labored step at a time, I'm going to make it.

Cottage, College, home. Cottage, College, home.