"But I Deserve..."

Sometimes, whether it's some sort of masochism or just morbid curiosity, I'm not sure, but sometimes I go online and read the comments. I like to think it's because I like when people talk intelligently about something I'm interested in, but I know that talking intelligently about something isn't something I'll find.

Maybe I like getting riled up by the stupidity.

Well, reading some comments yesterday led me to a few tweets. I wanted to follow-up on them. This is like a low-stakes (if that's possible) VH1 Behind the Music for my tweets.

Hang on tight, cowboys.

So, Apple announced new iCloud storage pricing. More storage for less cost. In my mind, I think "Wow, I can save money and get more use out of iCloud. Nice." That wasn't everyone's opinion though. Some said "We should get more storage for free." Others said "Nope, still not as cheap as..." All in all, not positive reactions.

I've found that one of the best ways to determine I'm wrong about an opinion is to examine the "I deserve ... because" statement. In this case, it's "I deserve [whatever they were asking for] for free because I bought an iPhone," but there's a billion of these. We live and die by these sorts of thoughts, even if they aren't always so apparently entitled.

When I'm offended that you didn't read the comic Daniel and I spent a lot of time on, that's me saying we deserve your attention because of how hard we worked.

And we worked hard, but we can't make you read it. We'll have to earn your attention with more and better work.

Even then, though, we don't deserve it. And that's what's so hard about entitlement.