Busting From The Seams

Life has been all too much for me lately in just the truly most wonderful way. It's been filled with friends and fun and food and mostly stress-free days. Yeah, I know the last one ruined the alliteration. It's still important to bring up. I feel healthier without so much stress. I can survive on less sleep.

Of course I now spend the majority of my day right next to my personal coffee maker, so maybe that's helping with that some too.

Things have just felt right. I've felt sane lately. Maybe a little too sane to continue the writing I've been doing, but everything has its positives and negatives.

There's no great lesson from all of this. Truthfully, there's not much point to tell you this other than to check off that mental box in my mind that says "yes, I did write a blog post today."

But maybe I can teach you something anyway. I don't know. Things aren't perfect, but I'm happy.

You should be too.

Be happy. Do whatever it takes to find happiness. Leave bad things behind. Run to good things like your life depends on it.

It does.

Because while we're not here just to be happy, we're surely not to let ourselves be miserable if we can at all help it.

Find happiness. Fight for it. Give yourself permission to have it. It's not selfish.

Because then you'll try to give other people what you've found.