How do you keep from getting burned out on a long project? It's a question I run into time and again with things I'm writing. The first 20 or so pages of anything are easy to write. The next 100 or more are a little bit more tiresome. One approach is to tell people about what you're working on and hope their excitement can fuel yours to get you across the finish line. Some scientific studies suggest that their praise can actually make it more likely that you won't finish the project, though, because you've already received the "reward" for it.

Another thing I've tried is putting it aside for a while and coming back to it with fresh eyes. I haven't found that this has led to any actual real work on the project again though, sadly. It seems I'm usually on another idea by then and going backward doesn't feel right.

The reason I bring any of this up is I have an idea for an ongoing comic book and from what people have told me, it's a good idea. The story, though, is going to take a ton of issues and an awful lot of production work to get done. I started writing issue 4 before I took a break and I wasn't barely past the introduction to the world.

Now it's a project I want made, but I don't know if right now is the right time.

So if I put it away and come back later, how do I do that?