Better Days

This has been a whirlwind year. If I think back just a little, it's not hard to remember where I was on January First. It's not hard to remember what I was doing when the clock struck midnight and me and a few of my closest friends celebrated the change of a calendar. It's also not hard to remember what was different then. How one of the most important people in my life now wasn't even on my radar then. How some people so important then became nothing but memories.

And that's growing up, you know? Taking in the new people, the good people, the healthy ones, and putting off those that just aren't good for you.

More than putting anyone off though, it's about taking some in. It's about pulling the ones you love as tight to you as you can and holding them there. It's not about dwelling on what you've lost, but about remembering what you've found. What you've had all along.

In that regard, it's been one of the best years I've had. I have so much. I've been given everything.