The Best Thing I've Ever Written

Searching through the cracked recesses of my mind, I really think I've written a post like this before and that project didn't end the way I hoped, but I'm going to tempt the fates and try again. I think what I'm writing, right now, is the best story I've written.

Like I said, I've said this before. I've gotten this excited about a project in the past and then when I was in the thick of it, I realized it was probably one of the worst things I've written and I hated it and myself a little bit too. Of course that last part's not really true, but that's how it feels in the moment.

It feels like the thing I had all this excitement for let me down.

Because it did.

The temptation in these moments is to temper your expectations. To say "okay, maybe this will be okay" and secretly be hopeful that you'll get a pleasant surprise.

But I say no. Let's expect the world and settle for nothing less. Let's promise everything and don't stop until we give it.

And when the disappointment comes, and will it come, let's fall to the ground. Wonder if we'll ever be able to pull ourselves from it or if this'll be the time that the gravity will be more than we can take.

Then when we get up, with tear-stained cheeks, for that moment, we'll know that we're invincible. That if this could not kill us, maybe the next thing won't either.

That it's only the people who try for the best that get to find it. Even if they have a whole life to wait, it will be a worthwhile way to spend it.