Be My Valentine

Let's do something new this Valentine's. It'll be something unheard of, something so bold that it just might change the world for all six or so of us that involve ourselves in this blog on a regular basis. What we're going to do is completely dependent on where we are because I know we're all in different places. Let's go over the guide just a bit.

First, for the ones of us not in a romantic relationship: 1. We are not going to use this day to point out how we're single. 2. We will NEVER say "Singles Awareness Day." 3. We won't make our coupled friends feel bad about finding happiness with another person. 4. We will be happy, genuinely happy, just because. We don't need to be relationshipped to be ourselves and for this day, that'll be enough.

Now, for the ones of us with a significant other. 1. We will appreciate the person we have in our lives. 2. We will let them know we appreciate them. 3. We, too, will NEVER say "Singles Awareness Day." Seriously, let's just cut that out. 4. We will be happy, genuinely happy, still just because. Our circumstances are different than the other "our" up there, but that's okay. For us and them.

All of this because, honestly, I'm tired of two things. People hating Valentine's Day because it's cool to hate Valentine's Day and people loving Valentine's Day because they're supposed to love Valentine's day. Everything I outlined above is really how all of us should be every day. And I used "we" for the whole thing, because I know I'm the worst one here.

So let's fix this. Just us. We can do it. Together. And that's what this holiday is all about.