Be Loved

I have a wise friend named Jon. Sometimes, he has trouble with his words and you can see him attempting to compose his thoughts into a usable pattern, like there are so many things screaming through his brain that he can't choose which one is worthwhile for the current moment, but he's wise. If you sit and talk to him for any more than a few minutes, you'd know this to be true. The other night, Jon and I were sitting in his living room, commiserating about girls. This is one of the best ways for guys to bond since all of us have felt some type of pain at the hands of a female. We also know that we're bound to feel some more pain from these beautiful creatures, but we pretend we've learned better than that by now.

As Jon and I were talking, an episode of Happy Endings paused on the TV so we could focus as much as anyone can focus with all of today's distractions, I mentioned feeling that I was going crazy. That, at this point, I probably needed to see a therapist to resolve whatever was going on with me.

Jon was quiet for a minute. It was one of those instances where I knew I was probably accurate, but I didn't want to hear it from someone else. Some feelings we want to be validated, others we'd rather hear aren't true. Jon was still quiet.

Finally, when he spoke, he just said "I don't think people always need therapy. I think what they need is to be loved. You just need to be loved."

It got really quiet again. I felt like I needed to physically let that absorb through my skin and enter my blood stream and flow through me. If ever there was something I need to hear, this was it.

A few minutes later, with not many more words, we got back to our episode of Happy Endings. We laughed. The world felt a little bit lighter. And, simply enough, in the way my wise friend Jon loved me, I got the therapy I thought I needed after all.