Be A Deck of Cards

"The number of possible ways to arrange a 52 card deck is about the number of atoms in the galaxy." I found this fact online the other day and it completely changed the way I look at the world. Well, maybe just the way I look at a deck of cards, but regardless, I think my brain wrinkled itself.

I mean, when I really think about it, sure it makes sense. Fifty-two factorial is probably a rather large number. Just the fact that something so common can be so mind-blowingly complex is what really gets me.

We look at our lives and say "I'm not better than anyone else. How could I do anything?" Yet it seems that with each one of our choices, we could move towards possibilities as many as the number of atoms in the galaxy.

And sure, it's not all up to us. Things happen that stop the place we were planning to go. We get slowed down. We lose hope. We quit.

Even that leads us in a certain direction to a certain outcome, different from any of the others that we ever would have encountered had we not met resistance. Something about that is encouraging if you're willing to believe that everything ends up where it's supposed to eventually.

I don't always believe that though. When I get caught up in the mess of it all, I never think there's a purpose. If I can't see it immediately, how could it be so?

Well, like a deck of cards, maybe there really is a purpose for us being shuffled around.

"A good shuffle will result in a deck configuration that has never existed before." So should it be for you.