As The Year Winds Down

We're getting down to the last days of 2014. These days are cold, these days can be hard for a lot of reasons, and these could be the best, if that's what you choose to make of them. If you've been around a while, you know I love Christmas. That's not what I'm talking about though. There's something more.

The end of the year affords us a unique opportunity to survey something as a whole, in this case a calendar year, and see what we need to change for the next one coming at us in just a few weeks.

What kind of wonderful thing is that? That we get to approach a new year fresh? With none of the mistakes we've made this year needing to carry into the next.

We get a clean slate, as clean as the snow that's sure to start falling any day now.

And yes, by the middle of February, our clean slate, like that snow, is probably going to start to look a little brown and sloshy. We're going to forget that we allowed ourselves to start anew. We're going to forget what we spent the time mulling over in front of quiet fireplaces in that late December and start focusing on just making it through the next days and weeks.

Times get hard. Rarely does a person make it through their lives without being untested.

But now, at the end of this year and the beginning of the next, let's be optimistic. Let's be positive. Let's be anything and anyone we're meant to be. Let's put off the people who are bad for us and cleave to the ones who love us. Let's throw away things that hurt us and gather up all the things that bring us joy.

The world can push us into the mud, but only we can choose to wallow in it.

So let's pull ourselves out, brush ourselves off, maybe take a long shower if we've spent too much time in that dirt, and look at making this next year, and even this next day, the best one we can. That's our right.