Another New Year

Well, we made it. I'll admit, for a lot of the year, it didn't seem like we would. We had that whole apocalypse thing looming over our heads and a lot of horrible, unimaginable things happened, but we made it through. Unless something truly disastrous happens after I write this post, we'll, as an entire world, have made it into another year. For some reason, that seems like an accomplishment. It shouldn't, because all it really involves is existing continuously for 365 days, but lately, that's really something. We all seem hell-bent on something, and it isn't creating. It's more like destroying.

I'm going to make this coming year better than the last one. It'll probably only be in one tiny way, but it's going to be better. And it won't just be for me. It'll be for someone else too. I don't know who it is yet, but I think I'm capable of improving just one person's days, even if it's in the smallest of ways. I'm gonna do it. Just you watch.

And hey, if you join me in that idea – making yours and one other person's year just an inch better than the last one – maybe at the end of next year, when I have to think up a post to ring in the New Year, surviving won't seem like our biggest accomplishment.

I really think we will have a happy New Year though. I can feel it. We just have to make it for ourselves this time.