And I Don't Feel Any Different

I don't make New Year's resolutions. I never have. If you'd ask me, I'd tell you that it's because I don't think they're a useful way to improve your life. If you'd ask me to be honest, I'd tell you I was. But if I was actually honest, it's because I'm not sure I have the commitment to stick with something for a year. If you need an example, look at my blog history. My first blog, here, was actually starting to generate a few readers from other blogs I commented on. Then I gave it up. After that, there was this one, which didn't last all that long and possessed a pretty serious lack of focus.

Now there's this one. I took almost a whole month off from it after I finished my NaNoWriMo novel (which, incidentally, I haven't finished) and haven't been able to get into a writing habit again since then. For someone who claims to be a writer, I do a lot of not writing.

So I decided, this year, I'd resolve something. Or resolve to do something. Or I'd just do something. So, here's what's going to happen. Every day, for the entire year of 2011, I'm going to write. I won't give myself a number of pages per day, I won't limit myself to scripts, and I certainly won't subject all of you to a blog post every single day. I'm just going to write something. Anything.

So, there. Call it a resolution. Call it a new determination. Call it impossible. I certainly think it is. But, if while you're doing all of this other calling, you could call me and remind me of this, on the days where writing is the last thing I want to do, maybe I'd write you a limerick or a haiku, just to get that day's work over with.

Happy New Year, all.