An Accidental Vacation

For the next few days of my life, I will be on a vacation that I took completely by accident. It happened that I requested a few days off for something that I can't attend anymore, so I've got all these days ahead of me with nothing really to do. Time will tell how I react to it.

There are some things I'm really good at. Getting things accomplished is one of them (and if you need proof, I'll send you my scripts folder from my computer). Wavering between a massive ego and deflated self-confidence almost simultaneously is another.

One thing I've forgotten how to love is relaxing. Sure, I can sit in front of a TV and watch a movie or TV show for hours at a time, but that's not the relaxing I mean. There should be silence involved. And my leg shouldn't be bouncing with restless energy. And I shouldn't be thinking about what I could get accomplished but am failing to do at the moment.

There's no failure in relaxation.

I'm going to get writing done. That's a given (I hope) by this point. But other than that, I don't want to make big plans.

I don't need to be constantly doing. There are days to be wasted, for once, because there'll be another one right on the other side of this one.

What an intimidating freedom.