Advice To Young People

Now that I'm up there in age, I feel it's appropriate for me to start bestowing some kind of wisdom on the younger ones walking this world. There's a lot of you younger, probably shorter, people running around and I know you're basically bumping into walls not knowing quite where to go, so let me provide a few pointers. Feel free to follow along if you're older than me. If it doesn't teach you anything, you can always laugh at me for taking longer than you figuring this stuff out. Laughing at younger people is one of the perks of getting old, isn't it?

1. Don't Wait. Now. With very few exceptions, you should not be waiting for anything. You should be moving towards, trying out, looking into, exploring, touching, considering, wondering about, discovering, enjoying, hating and realizing new things. You'll always find reasons to wait. The reasons to go now are so much fewer and can be summed up thusly - because you should.

That's all you really need. Trust me.

2. Wait Even When It Hurts The necessary corollary of above, some things are simply worth the wait. Hold on until your fingers bleed and your grip starts to loosen, then hold tighter. No one regrets the moments they persevere. It's the ones they give up that they have to drown in cheap booze. It's never too early to start planning to be a jovial geriatric.

Love. Above all, hold onto love.

3. Find What You Enjoy It's impossible to be unhappy in just one area of your life. It's an acid. It will eat through that container and spill out everywhere, pouring into the areas you thought you could keep safe. Because of this, it's important to quickly eliminate the things that destroy us.

Bad jobs. Bad relationships. Bad anything. If you don't need it, get rid of it. It'll do so much less damage in the long run. You only have so much time. Spend it where it deserves to be spent.

4. Do What's Necessary. Just because something's hard doesn't mean you can run the other way screaming. There are necessary evils like electricity bills and hard conversations. Deal with it. If you're old enough to read this, you're old enough to handle them.

That thing telling you you're not yet? It's wrong. It's always wrong. Anything discouraging your growth is.