Able to Change

The whole theory of this blog has been that there's something everyone can learn from the act of writing and creation. That something like art can apply to life in a real and meaningful way. And one thing we all know about art, even if we don't necessarily create it ourselves, is that first drafts are rarely the final draft. You don't open a new book at Barnes and Noble and see the first combination of words that the writer decided on (hopefully).

You see third drafts. Fifth drafts. Some books even eventually get revised editions to fix stuff that was missed on the first printing.

The point is, our first instincts are not always right.

I think we forget this in the way we live. We tell ourselves "well, that's just the way I am." "I have anxiety, so..." "I'm a procrastinator, so..." "I can't." "I don't."

We tell ourselves these things and are never surprised that we're right.

This week, as an exercise, let's tell us only amazing things about ourselves. Yes, I'm asking you to experiment on yourself a bit. For science.

But report back after a few days. See if anything changed. Maybe it's just your state of mind. Or maybe it's the world.

We'll never know if we keep telling ourselves that we can't.