A Simple Holiday Chore

Do this for my own sanity. Do it for your own good. Do it for the Gipper. I don't really care why you do it. You just need to get it done. I haven't seen too much of it lately and I'm putting all of you in charge. Ready for your calling? I hope so, because it's sent from the heavens above. Whatever God you pray to has surely ordained it and I am just the messenger, the prophet bringing it down from the mountains on stone tablets hoping I don't have to shatter them from what I see.

(I write with way too much flourish when I'm trying to build up the drama. I'm aware of it.)

All you have to do for the rest of this holiday season is be nice to every single person working at every single location you go to. If you go to the store, be nice to the checkout girl who takes too long to bag your groceries. If you go to a restaurant, be kind to the guy who gets your order wrong.

Smile at the person who handles your return even though both of you know you broke whatever it is you're returning.

Wish a Merry Christmas the woman who tells you that you can't be helped right now because everyone's with someone else. And mean it too.

Say it gently when you tell them the food is cold and you want it remade. It's fine to ask. It's not okay to act like they did it to you on purpose.

I'm not saying I see much of the opposite often. I just know that when I see it, it's completely shattering. All the hopes and dreams I have of having the most Merry Christmas ever are immediately dropped as I watch what's happening in front of me.

It's hard to remember this, but while we're out shopping for those last minute Christmas gifts, we're bumping into the people who are working up until the last minutes before Christmas to afford gifts for someone too. Show them that you respect what they're doing and they'll probably do the same.

If you can't, well, a lot of animals hibernate. Try that. Come back out when it's warm and you're well rested.