A Refocusing

I've always been told that if I want readers, I need to have a theme, a topic, for my blog. Maybe I should just use this site to post scripts and professional work. I could start a new Wordpress hosted blog and hope that they decide to put me on the "Freshly Pressed" list someday. That would draw some eyes. Here's the problem. What do I write about? My most successful blog (and the success was very, very minute) was a stylistic ripoff of www.stuffchristianslike.net. I can't steal someone's writing like that again. The work was wearying. I got tired of writing posts because I kept trying to line it up to someone else's voice. It worked for him, so it was going to work for me too.

The trouble is, my voice doesn't speak on the same topic every day. It's about love a lot. And writing. And my life. As interconnected as I feel all of those are, however, I just wonder if I'm not getting many regular readers because I don't have any hook. Nothing to catch people with except a big block of text.

I want to refocus. Find a topic and stick to it. Start a theme, generate some buzz, and watch the fireworks go off. I just know that it won't happen. I get restless. Antsy. When I find myself in a box, self-imposed or otherwise, I'm ready to move onto something else. That's why I'm working on a ton of different creative writing projects at once.

So what will I do? The same thing I've been doing this whole time, I suppose. Maybe I'll disable my blog stats for a while. I don't need those staring at me. Telling me that my work isn't good enough. That isn't fair. It is good enough. It's just not Internet-friendly enough. Not colorful enough for the attention-deficient and not focused enough for the one-track-minded.

And it's not like I'm doing myself any favors by not adding pictures or talking about controversial topics or integrating a bunch of search engine friendly terms in hopes that someone stumbles on my site randomly. Those could help, I imagine. I don't think I want that though. I'd just rather believe that there are still people on the Internet who care about the littler pieces of writing. The human stories I try to tell. The honesty I try to put forward.

I know they're there. I just don't think they know I'm here.