A Promise (Sort of)

Boy, I've been negative lately. I wish there was something specific I could blame it on, but it's not that simple. Outside circumstances don't have to make me unhappy. Yet sometimes they do. Let's clear a few things up first. I don't regret going to college. Not even a bit. It's the bills that come afterwards that bother me. It's like I went for a really nice meal, and now that I'm full, I'm looking at the check wondering why I'd ever pay that much for food. And this is a meal I'll be paying off for about 10 years. Yikes. That's a lot of dishes to wash.

I can't say I have strong positive feelings about my job, but I am thankful I have a source of income. It's that my outcome (is that a correct term for money I have to pay? I think it should be) is always so similar to my income. So much of the money I make is gone before I can even touch it. Oh, and lousy customers don't help. Seriously, tipping is important.

My girlfriend's also inhumanly far from me for most of the summer. By that, I mean she's three hours away. But since she works weekdays and I work weekends, trips back and forth are fairly limited and phone calls just aren't quite the same. It's hard to cuddle your phone. And I'd know.

But none of this is to blame for my negativity. That's just me, really. I have the tendency to be negative. I know it so well, I wrote the character that's supposed to be me in my newest script as negative.

That's the worst, isn't it? When you know something about yourself, but you can't change it? But hey, I'm trying. And that's the promise. That I can be honest without being negative.

You know, sort of.